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Business Improvement

Bringing objectivity and external challenge to support you with a specific business brief or need.

Heavily orientated to in-person, on site, boots on the ground activity with you and your team.

Active engagement with shop floor to board room executives as required.

Our 3 Key Principles:

From start-ups to long-established businesses, we are allied to our clients and focused on delivering on your needs.

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Strategic Review

Whole business or departmental strategy review.

Tailored to your business and focussed on the identification opportunities as well as risks and mitigation.

Through engaging with you and your team, concentrating on current business performance, key strengths and weaknesses, external market factors and competitor activity we will assess and propose key strategic plans or bring fresh thinking to appraise your current strategy.

"Rick was chosen to support us due to his strong business acumen and strengths in delivering business improvements, his input turned out to be invaluable. Within a very short time Rick was accepted as a trusted member of the team in Jersey and helped in leading strategic performance in delivering innovation and cost savings whilst maintaining yields and outputs.

His support to me was particularly appreciated and Rick’s easy attitude meant that we could bounce ideas off each other and make quick decisions. I would have no hesitance in recommending Rick to any business looking for assistance in developing their strategy or operations."
Mike Renouard
Business Unit Director, The Jersey Royal Company
"I engaged Rick for a 12-week mentoring program, which meant we had to hit the ground running. Right from the start Rick was able to offer insightful solutions to my problems. He has a great ability to listen, understand and then ask the right questions.

Our meetings helped me quickly identify critical priorities in my business, enabling me to action change that led to really positive improvements. I felt that Rick developed a genuine interest in me and my business, and I always felt his input was rooted in honesty, integrity and passion."
David Copeland
Co-Founder & CEO, Hawkland (Ecological design and build)
"Rick helped me on an advisory basis supporting my organisation in the area of business development. I found Rick to be genuine , supportive and very driven to see my organisation succeed. His input and support has made a positive contribution and there have been some great lessons learned from him to move the organisation forward."
Lola Owolabi
Founder & Director, Proud To Be Me (Social Enterprise)
"Rick and I have worked together a number of times. I've always been impressed with his professionalism and the way he's built relationships. Very professional and very easy to get on with. We delivered a lot together as a result."
James Ashwell
Commercial Strategy and Trade Planning Director, Tesco
"Rick managed to sell the customer to the operational business, and the operational business to the customer which meant that both parties were inclined to want to do more for each other. His understanding of the complexities of fresh produce coupled with his creative solutions meant that he was often finding new ways to deliver success."
Claire Donovan
Fresh Produce Specialist, Coach, Mentor & Non Exec Director
"Rick has a genuine passion for developing people and has a manner that delivers the best from each individual. He encourages teams to collaborate and drive performance whilst allowing for autonomy in the process, thus achieving a better, more sustainable result."
Andy Lamb
Finance Business Partner
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Aimed at helping you or your team prioritise, identify solutions, mitigate risks and leverage opportunities on a one-to-one basis in a safe and confidential space.

Helping Business Owners, Managing Directors, Executives and Middle Managers deliver greater success and satisfaction at work through taking ownership for their solutions.

Supporting the coachee in the focussed exploration of their opportunities, goals or challenges. Identifying key actions to deliver positive change.

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